Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zesty Shampoo Bar

Super soft - maybe leave these in the mold longer than I did!

This zesty shampoo bar is great for oily hair, gives you the squeeky clean feeling without drying out.

Prior Set up
- Take the peel from one orange and cut into small pieces. Measure out your olive oil (measure out more than you'll need) and put the orange peel in the oil to soak. This gives it a lovely orangey zest.

- 6oz castor oil
- 6oz olive oil
- 6oz coconut oil
- 1oz avocado oil
- 1oz jojoba oil
- 1oz palm oil

- 2.84oz lye
- 3 fluid oz lemon juice
- 4 fluid oz water

- 1tsp lemon oil
- 1tsp grapefruit oil
- 1/2 tsp citronella

- This soap sets up FAST (not one to try on your first soaping adventure!) and tends to turn lumpy. I've made this recipe a few times, and it appears to be normal and still makes a nice bar. Make sure you have your mold ready to go before you add the lye, as it's literally seconds.

- No colour needed! This soap is a natural orange colour.

- You could also use minty olive oil and turn this into a minty recipe. Personally i'm a big fan of orange hair products!

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